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 “ The scar’s of life are the healed threads that keep you strong and committed during the rough times and challenged experiences.” 

Michael Vasquez 2016​

I have accomplished many goals and customer projects in my life and with great success, along the way I have helped many individuals on their own life journey by applying the rule of:

“The Power of Intention” and "The Laws of Attraction" by Dr. Wayne Dyer,   These techniques along with studying Tony Robbins, Zig Zigler, Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee as well as my own personal endeavors and successes have helped me achieve amazing results.  I now believe I can help others overcome lost passions for life and back on the road to success.  I created "THE PROCESS" on several programs that help you with the two main skills needed to succeed which are: FOCUS and DISCIPLINE together we can help you achieve your own goals as well as guide you though life's challenges.  I have met and worked with some of the top Athletes and Sr. Executives in America and have trained, learned and worked along side many of them.  I know what it takes to become a champion in life and I will help you find the key aspects that are needed to overcome emotional and physical obstacles that tend to stop us from being motivated and parallelize us from time to time from moving forward toward our goals and ambition.  The programs I have designed have been created to help you find your true  meaning of life and lead you to your true purpose.  Once you find your true purpose you can start your path for life.  I have accomplished so many goals and found that once you put your mind and focus on your goals there is nothing that can stop you from your dreams.  You just have to follow the process that I have created that outlines each step of the way including

  • A nutritional balance of high alkaline foods,

  •   A daily affirmation that will inspire your spirit to move forward and a process of looking at goals and milestones like

  • A homework list that you will accomplish.  Together we can achieve many things on our list but it takes

  • A little guidance and changing the way we think about ourselves and others. 

  • Why Alkaline foods are important:  Electric foods are alkaline foods which help the body to heal and nourish itself. Alkaline foods have a pH of 7.1 and above. Electric foods are found in nature. They are not hybrid, genetically modified, and they are non-irradiated. Electric foods help to increase the copper within the nervous system thus a greater use of one's brain and sense. Electricity is the reason why the human body can move around, crawl, walk, run, climb, overcome disease and  Contact me to schedule some time to evaluate your own needs to start the PROCESS. 

Secretary of Commerce - Penny Pritker thanking me for the work we (IT TEAM) did with the US Patent and trademark Opening and Professional Photographer for the USPTO SJ.

How I Can

Help You

Mentoring Technical and Non-Technical Teams on Project Focus, Meeting Milestones and Motivating Teams for Success!
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